Vincent Haliburton Jr.


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Vincent has been active in the financial sector since 2016. He was the Sales Manager for a credit card processing company for 3 years, before parlaying into a full-time forex trader for one year. Vince was introduced to  cryptocurrency in early 2017 and quickly became passionate about the industry and its potential. This inspired a learning frenzy, leading him to reading every book on the industry, attending meetups/events and becoming certified as an Enterprise Blockchain Professional and a Blockchain Security Expert. Vincent believes digital assets have the potential to grant people more freedom through decentralization while improving global commerce. Through this, he founded Haliburton Capital Group; with the intent of aiding in the widespread blockchain/cryptocurrency adoption, innovation, and education, and wealth creation.


Natasha Burton

Managing Partner

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Natasha D. Burton is a Serial Entrepreneur, Crypto/ Blockchain Technology Enthusiast and former TV Producer who began her professional career in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Having an immediate interest in technology after graduating from San Jose State University, she spent months working alongside developers learning the ins and outs of coding and development. Using her professional rolodex, she successfully structured and launched a global NFT project that sold out in 5 minutes generating over 3.3M in revenue. After leaving her mark in the NFT space, she decided to launch one of the first NFT books entitled - NFT Playbook: How you can make millions of dollars selling NFTs.

Since then, Natasha has launched a variety of small businesses that have scaled into multi-million dollar enterprises including but not limited to her own production company NDB Production, NDB Logistics, MSOK Holdings and her most recent project, Smack Em Sauce, the first ever vegan seafood butter sauce. Natasha is now an advisory board member for Blockchain Consulting Group LLC and serves as the managing partner for Haliburton Capital Group LP.