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About Us

Why Choose Haliburton Capital Group?

Here at Haliburton Capital Group, our mission is to have the deepest possible understanding of the global economy and human nature and how these factors affect the emerging digital asset market, so that we can convert that knowledge into strong portfolios with high chances of short and long term success.

Founded in 2019, we believe that blockchain technology has the potential to positively transform a plethora of big business industries because the use cases are practically endless. Our ideal vision of the future is one of decentralization and transparency between the everyday person, governments, the wealthy and money because we believe this is how long term prosperity can be sustained. Here at Haliburton Capital Group, we are passionate about finding the very best digital asset companies we feel have the best chance at moving the world forward by shaking up the old system in profound ways that empowers the global economy.


Founder & CEO

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